What is ContentKing?

What is ContentKing?

ContentKing is a website monitoring application aimed at improving the web for everyone. ContentKing does its monitoring by making HTTP GET requests to websites and evaluating their responses. The result of this is continuous auditing that helps our customers improve their websites’ performance and visibility.

Why ContentKing is monitoring your website

ContentKing only allows monitoring of websites that our customers “own.” Thus you’ve most likely run into one of these two scenarios:

  1. Someone in your organization is using ContentKing to monitor your website.
  2. A third party, such as your external digital marketing or web development agency, is using ContentKing to monitor your website.

How ContentKing prevents overloading of your website

ContentKing continuously assesses your website’s performance, and as soon as it detects that your webserver is responding slowly or serving errors, the monitoring crawl speed is throttled down. If problems persist, monitoring is stopped entirely.

How to manually slow down monitoring

ContentKing supports setting a specific crawl speed, so instead of just disabling monitoring entirely, it’s also possible to tell ContentKing to monitor at a slower pace.

How to stop ContentKing’s monitoring

Important: please note that ContentKing is used to monitor your website’s availability and performance. When you disable monitoring, ContentKing is no longer able to send alerts when problems or major changes occur.

The owner of the ContentKing account can pause monitoring or permanently disable it. If you know who owns the ContentKing account that’s monitoring your website, please reach out to them directly to discuss options. If you don’t happen to know who owns the account, please fill in the form on the right, and we’ll identify the account owner and reach out to them.

Why not to block ContentKing monitoring on your end

If you forcefully block ContentKing from monitoring your website, the account owner (most likely someone in your organization or at your third-party service provider) will get false alarms and reports about your website being unavailable. If you want to stop monitoring by ContentKing, please follow the steps described above in “How to stop ContentKing’s monitoring.”

How to whitelist ContentKing traffic

Please reach out to us at support@contentkingapp.com to discuss options for identifying all traffic monitoring by ContentKing.

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